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Research Assistance

ScienceResearch Assistance

Sciences Hub provide research project design for research, article and PhD thesis by highly qualified scientific advisor from famous universities. The purpose of Research Development to facilitate young researcher or university research scholar to groom their interpersonal qualities. We can help to design and develop research proposal in material science and biomedical engineering.
Technical & Scientific

MaterialTechnical & Scientific

We are resolving technical and scientific issues by providing desired solutions in academic research. The solutions are provided in material material science and biomedical engineering by our highly educated, professional and technical advisers.
Testing & Characterizations

MaterialTesting & Characterizations

Sciences Hub provides services for testing and characterizations of newly developed materials in material science and biomedical engineering. These analyses are conducted from our partner research institutions by PhD experts. These detailed material testing, characterizations and in vitro & in vivo assays to help students in academics and research activities.

Scientific, PhD thesis, Manuscript EditingProofreading

We guarantee 100% satisfaction.
Sciences Hub provide academic and scientific proofreading and our proofreaders are highly qualified and native English speakers. The price is worked out at a flat rate per thousand words, so you know exactly how much the editing will cost in advance.

ABOUT USSciences Hub is a Partnership of professional researchers established in Pakistan.

Sciences Hub is a “low profit” company, and our potential and profits are dedicated to charitable and educational purposes. We also provide inexpensive and reasonable research solutions, and our launched projects has not covered by other organizations.

Most often, we have partnerships with non-profit organizations to research, analyze, and provide research solutions by presenting results outcomes, which are accurate, and authentic. We work with public agencies, businesses, citizen campaigns, coalitions, foundations, and investors. Mostly our clients are from educational & research institutes and industrial sectors. Our research team has consisted of researchers and academicians from world-class and reputed research institutes and universities. Our team is top-notch, bringing expertise and wisdom from a wide range of professional multidiscipline and applications including information technology, physics, chemistry, biology, botany, chemical engineering, material science, teaching, environmental science, biomedical engineering and health sciences. Material Sciences is dedicated to the principles of transparency and public access to research and information supported and underwritten by philanthropic dollars. Material Sciences is chartered as a low-profit, which has a charitable and educational mission that allows it to receive program-related investments (PRIs) from foundations.

BENEFITSDedicated to Providing Quality Laboratory Services

Analytical Projects

Trust the experts at Sciences Hub to carry out difficult projects.

Strict Quality Practices

Sciences Hub is equipped to support rigorous quality standards.

Customized Solutions

We develop customized protocols, methods.

Advanced Instruments

Our teams of scientists use a wide range of instruments.

Your Full-Service Lab for Clinical Trials

TESTIMONIALSOur Customers Remember Our Good Service

I greatly appreciate the communication on the process, what we needed to do in terms of providing samples, what to expect. Sciences Hub provided what we needed in terms of certification that we can use with our customers.
Prof. Rozita Hassan

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