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ABOUT USOver 20 Years of Experience. We'll Ensure You Always Get the Best Possible Results

Our processes will be tailored to best fit your needs, and we will assist you by answering your questions and helping to define your goals.

From your initial phone call or inquiry placed through our website, you will notice the Avomeen difference. We offer direct access to industry-leading scientists who are used to working with both veterans of the industries that we serve and those new to using contract research organizations (CROs) analytical projects equipped to research.

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    OUR TEAMWe'll Ensure You Always Get the Best Results

    Regardless of which division, testing services, silicone mock vessels, or test equipment, our team will go above and beyond to ensure the highest level of service and accuracy of data.

    Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed

    Linda Hoffman, PhD
    Professor Alexandra Porter
    Dr. Athar Aziz, PhD
    ProfessorMichael Bedzyk

    TESTIMONIALSWhat Our Clients Say

    "‘Excellent! They are professional, punctual and kept their promise to produce the result on time. The quality of the paper is as they advertised and it is now possible to get publication in High Impact Journal with their proofreading services."
    Dr. Salah‐ud din Khan PhD
    "Excellent: the review was definitely by a native English speaker in the field of biomedical engineering. All the comments were very useful and without their services it could be difficult to publish in Elsevier. I would like to use their proofreading channel again and recommend them to my colleagues."
    Professor Rozita Hassan Malaysia
    "‘Since I have working in biomedical sciences using and published more research papers. The proofreading, corrections and comments were made by an expert in the field of Medical Sciences."
    Professor Han-Gon Choi